Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: yells
IPA transcription: [j'ɛlz]
Usage examples
  • Wild war-whoops and fierce yells rent the air.
  • From within the caravan came inhuman female yells of fear and anger.
  • When he caught sight of the prince he uttered piercing yells, which shook the walls of the palace.
  • The awful effect was heightened by the piercing shrieks of the women and the fierce yells of the warriors.
  • But, in the midst of these yells and howls, a strange, unexpected--nay what seemed an impossible--cry had been heard!
  • Exasperated as much by his composure as by his good-fortune, their words became unintelligible, and were succeeded by shrill, piercing yells.
  • They were on the home stretch, they were equal, the cheering broke out, then silence, then another terrific burst, shouts, yells and clappings--"Mascot" had won the free-for-all.
  • A volley of shots was fired as an accompaniment to the startling yells. A moment later and a body of horsemen dashed into camp, which they had easily located by the smouldering camp-fire.
  • Suddenly, with loud yells, a band of Drilgoes leaped forward from the head of the stairs and rushed upon the struggling priests and victims. And, dark as it was, Jim recognized their leader--Cain.
  • Suddenly a tremendous uproar filled the streets, yells, the clicking grunts of the Drilgoes, the screams of the panic-stricken populace. The invaders had arrived, and they were sweeping all before them.